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The Benefits Of Doing #Burpees


New Heights with Body Altitudes! 

We caught up with two of our BA faves, Omani and Evan, after their recent trip to Vertical Ventures. Omani shares how she takes BA on the go for a little active fun! 

We decided to go Rock Climbing as an alternative way to workout while having a good time. We used every muscle from our fingertips to our calves. I am sure we will feel this tomorrow.  Thanks to Body Altitudes we could climb great heights and it proved to us what our training has really done!  -Junior Wellness Coach Omani 

Who is ready for a BA field trip to Vertical Ventures? Let’s put our Group Fitness to the test!  


Wake Up to Zumba and Pound every Monday

melissaWake Up to Zumba and Pound every Monday & Wednesday at 9:15-10:00am*. Melissa is ready to deliver an exhilarating Cardio & Strength workout. All you have to do is show up! See her again 11:00am on Sunday for R.E.D Warrior. It’s more than a workout, change your lifestyle!

*Please note the time change in October. We noticed a typo on the printed schedule. Always check online for the most up to date class schedule.

Also catch Melissa & Cristiane for the first ever Zumba: Samba & Punta Master Class on Oct 25th at 12:30pm. Tickets can be purchased now at

Welcome to Our BA Blog!

Welcome to the Body Altitudes Health and Fitness Blog Spot!  We think NOW is the perfect time to get even closer with our fitness friends and family!  Summer is over and everyone should be getting settled into the day to day routine.  We want to be part of that routine.  3 Months $1656 Months $29412 Months $552

As you know structure and a consistent approach to fitness and nutrition is the key to meeting your goals.  Let the Body Altitudes Wellness Coaches work right by your side, from nutrition to small group fitness.  As approach the holidays with party dresses and button up shirts, you should have no worries with our team guiding you to goal. It’s Time, They Fit Again! #BlameBA