December at Body Altitudes!

The December Schedule is now available!  Be sure to set your calendar to fitness, as we enjoy the holidays!  We have lots of Free Fitness fun to keep you, friends and family motivated.  We are also closing the studio on Dec 5th and 12th for BA Fit-Trips!  That’s right we are headed out to the Color Run and taking Zumba to the beach.

Nothing stops a hot body but a hard head, make plans to be with us through December and 2016!

For a better view visit for the daily line up!

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Zumba Glow Masterclass: Triple J.A.M

TRIPLE J.A.M Official Flyer

Triple GLOW J.A.M. is a high intensity, fun filled, (2) hours of Zumba Madness with Tampa Bay’s infamous Juan Carlos, Alma “The Bombshell” Noble and Myrna Cano! You will not want to miss this celebration of dance, fitness and LIFE! Live it up on Jan 16th with the Triple Threat! Be Bright and Glow With Us!

Click the link to purchase your tickets NOW: $15 Advance, $20 Door . Space will be limited, don’t be turned away from this special event and SAVE $5.

Glow Shirts will be available for purchase!!!!

Warrior…Let’s hear from her! 

The R.E.D. Warrior program here at Body Altitudes is a unique practice that fuses
movements of martial arts with functional fitness. The format challenges the participants mentally as well as physically, a requirement to reaching ones fitness goals. Similar to the practice of martial arts and yoga, the movement does not change often, rather the participants understanding of the movement evolves. Think about it this way— which do you think is more effective? “Practicing 10,000 kicks ONE time or practicing ONE kick 10,000 times?”- Bruce Lee. 

“It is different than Zumba, so at first, it takes a bit of getting used to. Yes, this class will challenge you, but you are not expected to do state-of-mind (level 3). You do it at the level you are capable of doing this at. Maybe that’s what the misconception is: that you have to do everything the instructor does, you don’t. She gives/shows you each stage. Do the stage that you are capable of. If you want to do stage 1 throughout the workout, then do it. You are not pushed to do anything you don’t want to. it’s your workout and make the most of it. ” says Veronica, a recent participant of the program. Throughout the workout she explained how many ideas about strength, channeling your inner energy and really focusing on clearing your mind was a great way to step out of her comfort zone and really just focus holistically. 

  “After taking it for several weeks now, I feel much stronger and more confident about the class. I enjoy taking on the challenge if I am capable. I usually feel a surge of energy after a workout that is motivating. This motivates me. I hate burpees, but I am doing them in class out of my own free-will because I want that challenge.”

Not only do you get to try something new, but pushing those boundaries is always beneficial for your self-confidence & mental wellness. This is more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle. Once you change your mindset and focus you can accomplish anything. Come into Body Altitudes Health & Fitness any Sunday at 11:00am and discover the Warrior in YOU!! 

Amanda Merced 
Body Altitudes Health & Fitness,
Client Relations


R.E.D Warrior at Body Altitudes with Melissa Carias

R.E.D. Warrior with Melissa Carias is catching fire at Body Altitudes! Watch this quick clip to see what Sundays at 11am have to offer with your warrior guide and wellness coach Melissa!

Steel and Stilettos at Body Altitudes with Jasmine

SASI Jasmine is back to teaching ‪#‎SteelAndStilettosFitness‬ this and every Tuesday at 6:00 pm!

Welcome to Our BA Blog!

Welcome to the Body Altitudes Health and Fitness Blog Spot!  We think NOW is the perfect time to get even closer with our fitness friends and family!  Summer is over and everyone should be getting settled into the day to day routine.  We want to be part of that routine.  3 Months $1656 Months $29412 Months $552

As you know structure and a consistent approach to fitness and nutrition is the key to meeting your goals.  Let the Body Altitudes Wellness Coaches work right by your side, from nutrition to small group fitness.  As approach the holidays with party dresses and button up shirts, you should have no worries with our team guiding you to goal. It’s Time, They Fit Again! #BlameBA